Function Centre, Bar & Restaurant

Walawwa, The Bungalow at Sandown Regency

“Walawwa”, the Bungalow or the manor of a local Community Head of Sri Lanka in the colonial era, was constantly vibrant with functions, conferences, delicious food and merry making. “Walawwa,” The Bungalow at Sandown Regency represents this concept and caters food for restaurant, conference and function wing of Sandown Regency situated at 477 Princes Highway, Nobel Park, Melbourne, Victoria 3174.


The sections of “Walawwa” the Bungalow consists of Restaurant, Café, functions and conference centre of the regency. It caters for luncheons, dining, service apartments, buffet, café, bar, and large events such as weddings, corporate functions, conferences, external shows.


The seating capacity of the function and conference centre exceeds 150 and serves foods representing western, eastern, Italian and Mongolian cuisines